University of Twente
ISPt Institute for Sustainable Process Technology
OMV Austria
LAB France
PREWIN Network
Future Carbon NL
KLK Kolb Oleo
Our mission

Let's future proof the industry!

Together with its relations, Brusche Process Technology looks for innovative solutions to make process installations and production environments as sustainable, cost-effective, reliable, safe and efficient as possible.We work solution-oriented and with short lines.

We bring our expertise in the field of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and savings to our solutions. We are progressive when it comes to controlling all environmental aspects and effects. We want to contribute to the climate goals.

We are active in our network to inspire relations to take accelerated steps in the field of capture and useful reuse of CO2 and to contribute to the further development of existing techniques on a European scale.
In this way we want to contribute to a good future for future generations.