CO2 capture technology

Carbon capture technology captures CO2 emissions from industrial processes and power generation for storage or use (CCUS). The addition of a CO2 capture system increases circularity while simultaneously generating additional revenue. Processes become CO2 neutral or even CO2 negative.

We develop and build pilot and demo plants for CO2 capture. In addition, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise to analyze and solve problems in existing capture plants.

Absorption technology

CO2 is mainly captured from large point sources such as power plants and industrial plants. Several technologies have been developed for this purpose.


Brusche Process Technology supplies amine-based CO2 absorption technology, which is a proven method for capturing CO2 released from combustion processes. Our “reboiler” design operates with a very low temperature differential, which helps to reduce amine degradation. The minimal hold-up volume of the reboiler also contributes to this. As a result, amine consumption is lower.

Solvent recovery

Acidic impurities such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and nitrogen oxides lead to the formation of HSS (heat stable salts). Accumulation of these salts decreases the CO2 capture capacity of the plant. To avoid unnecessary loss of solvent, the HSS must be separated. We have an effective recovery solution for these salts, which we integrate into the design of your plant.

Emission control

We design your plant with a sound solvent emission and degradation management strategy to maximize emissions control. Our design can be easily adapted to any flue gas stream.

The importance of capturing CO2

Carbon is everywhere in our daily lives. In energy, building materials, food and in chemicals. The need for carbon is and will remain high, which makes its reuse important.

CO2 capture technology is seen as an important means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. It can play an important role in reducing emissions from industrial processes and power generation.